Where in the world is Pastor David?

Motorcycle David

A new episode of the on-going motorbike adventures of our intrepid priest begins Labor Day weekend.

David is heading east to visit Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Montreal, and the Erie Canal.  He’ll be blogging along the way and would love to read your comments.  You can follow the adventure right here.


You are a long-range planner!

Our Long-Range Planning Team (Pam Forton, Keith Overbaugh, Elaine Olson, Dean Branson, and Pastor David Mellor) is beginning a big job and needs your help. Prayerful collaboration and conversation will help us understand God’s will and empower us to serve that will. We need to learn what is in your heart. Everyone’s participation in a visioning session is important. Together we can determine  the …most efficient use of our gifts and shared faith.
The times are set, the places reserved, the facilitators confirmed, all that’s left is your RSVP. Our long-range planning team is hoping for 100% attendance between the two events. Check your calendars and let us know which you will attend.
Monday, September 22nd at 7pm in the Elk Rapids Harbor Pavilion Sunday, September 28th following worship (about 11am) in the Elk Rapids Township Hall on River Street.
There will be refreshments on Monday and a light lunch on Sunday. We need everybody!